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6 Insights You Can Gain From Monitoring Web Performance Using PDF Editors, Traffic Checkers, and More

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You know that the key to success is understanding your customers. You must know who they are, what they want, and why they are drawn to your business. There are many ways to answer these questions, but your website is one of the best sources of data. Indeed, monitoring your website performance and utilizing tools like PDF editors and click rate monitors can help you identify what customers are looking for. Learn about six other insights you can gain from web performance monitoring with this great article from the Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce.


1. Website’s Functionality

Perhaps the most important insight that web monitoring can offer is a look into the overall functionality of your website. Tracking visitors’ behavior will reveal broken links, for example, or if the site is offline. In the latter scenario, monitoring your site’s performance will give you the ability to act immediately and get the site up and running again.


2. Specific Metric Monitoring

Website monitoring can also offer insights into specific metrics of your site’s performance. You can see how many unique visitors you get every day, for example, or how long a visitor spends browsing the site. This information can help you gauge the quality of your content and the overall accessibility of the site.


3. Avoid Potential Data Breaches with the Help of PDFs and PDF Editors

The aforementioned web data can also help you detect a potential threat before it comes to fruition. C-Risk explains that before a data breach, for example, you might notice a massive influx of unusual traffic. You must protect your customers from a potential breach, and you can do so by using PDFs on your site. PDFs can easily be encrypted or password protected, and they can even be locked to prevent unauthorized access. By using a PDF editor online you can conveniently change a document whenever you need to.


4. Customers’ Interests

When you’re monitoring website performance, you want to see how traffic reflects your customers’ needs. It’s not always easy to extrapolate this information, but you can gain some insight by analyzing which pages on your website attract the most traffic. Similarly, look at which pages customers linger on the longest. This information will help you understand the interests of your prospective customers, which will ultimately help you implement strategies to boost sales.


5. Conversion Motivation

According to Fit Small Business, a call to action on a website only generates a 4.23% click rate on average. Although this figure represents a small fraction of your website visitors, it’s important to consider what language and incentives may boost this rate. Analyzing your conversion data can provide insight into what motivates visitors the most — in many cases, discount codes and other deals can boost your conversions.


6. Keyword Searches

Many small business owners are surprised to see the keyword searches that generate traffic to their site. Indeed, your site may appear in results that seem entirely unrelated to your business. Rather than dismissing this data as irrelevant, though, you should see it as an opportunity to expand your audience. Create a spreadsheet tracking all of the keywords used to find your site, and consider how you can tailor your web presence to these customers.


Learn About Your Customers Through Web Data

A great website can do wonders for your business, so don’t ignore the great data sitting right there waiting to be accessed. Monitoring the performance of your website is a great way to learn about your business’s customers. More importantly, it can help you prevent data loss and maintain a high SEO ranking. Use PDFs on your site to protect sensitive information and PDF editors to adjust them when needed. When these strategies are put together, you will see gains in your website’s traffic and your business overall.


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